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you are all i'll ever want

but this i am denied...

patron saint of switchblade fights
4 June 1987
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icons: feel free to take any just credit. if you don't get them then there's obviously a reason for that. please don't take the ones that you don't understand. thx.

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wee me and my daisy.

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banner by:vampyredrusilla

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my dad, daisy and minnie (at two months), and i'm the wee one in the corner.

"Even if somebody is in love with someone for just a day, two days, even an hour, it could be the greatest love they've ever known."- jonathan rhys meyers

"a big love rectangle plus one.. whatever that is."- brooke davis

"daddy is not coming on anything."

"did doogie howser just steal my fucking car?"
"yes.. i think he did."

sex is boring ugly hippie shit.

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"davey! have mah baby!", "i like tulips", 'i ♥ adam' playlist, baby's on fire♥, bienville and bourbon, big ears♥, bitchiness to douche-numbers a&b, buff mother, church and his man-chair-jumping, corin ♥ adam, curt wild♥, defying gravity♥, gary oldman hair fetishes, gerard fucking way bitches, gerard way hair fetishes, gerard's side-mouth talk, gimme danger♥, glinda-p.sawyer, hawtt hurr, hip hip jorge, icons by raelala♥, jorge thigh fetish, jorge wee accent, jorge♥, july fourth with bombtechs, lady vi ♥ gee, leah/gerard faces, lewee the rere, michael fucking way, my guatamaleness- my heat, my one-girl-riot bffb♥, ns + hj, obi-wan's flying mullet, obi-wan's hawtt mad skills, peter got a sex-change?, porgy roachapa!!!, randomness with my bffb, rory ♥ frank, rory ♥ p-rock, sandwich baggie sex, sexxxy gary oldman, sexxxy sirius black, shaggables, shoebox_project foo, slutty boas, somebody called me sebastian♥, spooning♥ with strangers, squeaky hotel toilets, stealing inflatable palm trees, strangulation by scarf, sweatpants of doom, the box was present, the kilted boyd, variety hour with leah&debby, velvet goldmine♥, wee leather skirt things, where's my bricks bitch?, yankees kicking boston's ass, yoda soda♥, yoda's mad hopping skills, ♥brian slade♥, ♥chris and toby♥, ♥curt and brian♥, ♥jeter♥, ♥kenneth branagh♥, ♥remus and sirius♥, ♥sheffield♥, ♥tino♥